It's a pretty basic page ... with a bunch of questions. But, it's what you answer below that matters most.

If you're interested in applying for this special "by application only" membership opportunity into the RERAW 100, please take a few minutes to fill out the questions below.

This is an extremely limited test and not all applicants will qualify.

All questions must be answered. And, upon completion, James will be reaching out personally to discuss your answers and see if moving forward makes sense.
First Name
Last Name
Learning About Your Business
What State Are You Licensed In? (If Licensed In Multiple States, Please Provide The Primary State In Which You Sell Real Estate)
How Long Have You Been Licensed?
Are You Currently A Full Time REALTOR?
How Many Homes Have You Sold In The Last 12 Months (or Since You Started, If Less Than 12 Months Ago)?
What Is Your Total Sales Volume In The Last 12 Months?
What Is Your Total Gross Commission Income (GCI) In The Last 12 Months?
What Brokerage Are You Currently With? (You will not be asked to change brokerages, it's just something we want to know)
Have You Had A Real Estate Or Business Coach Before? If "Yes," Please Indicate With Whom, Whether You're Still Working With Or Considering Them And Why Or Why Not.
Future Expectations
How Many Homes Do You Think You'll Sell In The Next 12 Months? (No fluff, just be real. There's no wrong answer.)
What Is The Total Sales Volume You Expect To Sell In The Next 12 Months?
What Is The Total Gross Commission Income (GCI) You Expect To Make In The Next 12 Months?
What Factors Did You Consider When Determining Your Future Expectations? Why Do You Think You'll Achieve Those Numbers?
Other Things James Is Curious About
What Is Your #1 Challenge In Business Right Now?
Why Do You Want To Be Part Of The RERAW 100? Specifically This Program ... Why Is This Important To You?
Whose Responsibility Is It For You To Achieve The Goals & Future Expectations You Listed Above?
What Will Happen If You Do Not Achieve, In The Next 12 Months, What You Expect Of Yourself (As You Listed Above)?
What Is It That You Want To Get Out Of Being In This Group?
Finally ...
Would You Consider Paying A Referral Fee On Any Of Your Transactions To Receive Coaching & Be Part Of This Exclusive Group?
Do You Understand (And Are You Prepared For) That This Is A 12 Month Program And If Selected And You Choose To Join, You'll Be Expected To Remain In The Program For The Full Term Of The Contract?
If Selected To Be A Member Of This Group, How Quickly Would You Want To Get Started?
Is There Any Specific Reason That You're Interested In A Payment Plan Beyond The Three Options Currently Available?
(ie: $197/month for 12 months or $497/month for first four months of membership or $1,988 one time lump sum for the year
Is There Anything Else You'd Like James To Know About You, Your Business, Etc. When Considering You For This Program?
What Email Address Can You Be Reached At?
What Is Your Cell Phone Number?
By checking this box, I understand that this is simply an application for the RERAW 100 and that I am not guaranteed acceptance into the program. Further, I am granting RERAW LLC and James Hoff to use my contact information to communicate with me regarding this application and for any other communication, including marketing, that comes from or on behalf of RERAW LLC.
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